• Path Gravel supplies in Aberavon - Neath Port Talbot

    Make your garden in Aberavon look fabulous with a gravel path.

    With so many types of gravel and slate available it is not difficult to create attractive features to your garden in Aberavon.

    With so many types of gravel in various colours it is not difficult to create a good looking and long lasting path.

    Popular gravels include: Cotswold Gold, Cotswold Chippings, Derbyshire Peakstone, White Limestone. Quartz Gravel, Golden Gravel, Golden Flint, Artic White, and many more.

    Gravels are available in many colours. They are also available in many sizes to suit the type of foot fall and traffic.

    Aberavon - Neath Port Talbot

    Planning your gravel path in Aberavon

    The quality of your finished gravel path relies heavily on the preperation. After marking out your planned gravel path the area should be dug out and a base made, usually with a MOT type material, and a membrane to keep out weeds before laying your chosen path gravel on top. If you wonder what MOT means in the UK – it stands for Ministry of Transport standards for a sub base like used in highways.

    Choosing the right size of gravel is also important. 10mm is most popular size for path gravels. However, if the path is uneven ie has slopes, then a larger size is recomended such as 20mm.

    For a firm surface where there are wheels like a pram, cycles, then a smaller size is ideal. such as Cotswold self binding gravel.

    Gravels are often popular for increased security where an intruder cannot creep up to your property without making foot noise from the gravel but maybe not so good for pushing a pram.

    Slate as an alternative for path gravels

    Slate can be a very attractive alternative to the usual path gravels and tend to be darker coloured such as plum slate, welsh green slate, graphite grey slate, blue slate.

    Gravel is not just for paths

    Gravels and slate are also popular for ground cover in borders and can be a lot more attractive than bark. If you have a rockery then gravel can be used to make it more atteactive between the rocks.

    It is still recommended to use a ground cover to deter weeds.

    Gravels in Aberavon Neath Port Talbot

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