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    Pest Call Out in Aberavon

    Principal Hygiene is committed to working in partnership with our customers to deliver expert, ethical and innovative pest, bird and wildlife services in Aberavon - Neath Port Talbot. The range of pest and prevention services we offer protect may types of customer’s premises, from the local high street shops to large stadiums and shopping centres to large office blocks across the UK we have a solution for every type of pest problem. Our service provision can be tailored to suit preventative and on demand services with scalable options.

    We deliver comprehensive reporting and employ ethical methods of control to ensure a hazard free safe working environment that complies with legislative requirements so your business in Aberavonoperates unimpeded by pests.

    Our Services Include:

    Pest Control

    Pest Control

    • Rodent Control
    • Bird Control
    • Bird Proofing
    • Guano Cleaning
    • Emergency Call Outs

    Pest Prevention Services

    We supply our pest control services to many different market sectors and to clients in Aberavon – large and small, Our Bird and Pest Control can provide everything you need, from just a few electronic fly killers (EFK’s) at just one location right through to rodent control across multiple sites nationwide.

    • Pest Prevention Services
    • National Accounts
    • Multi-site

    Bird Control Services

      • Bird Proofing
      • Bird Scaring
      • Guano Cleaning

    Rat Control & Rodent Prevention Services

    Effective rat, mouse and rodent control is essential to maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment. Rodents not only carry diseases such as salmonella, E.coli and Weil’s disease, but they also carry ticks, mites and fleas and can cause allergic reactions. Rodents can also inflict costly damage to property, stock and foodstuffs.

    Signs that you have a rodent problem:

      • Rats and mice, produce characteristic ‘stale’ odours, which can be easily recognised.
      • Scratching or gnawing noises in the wall, floor or roof space.
      • Droppings in or around your workplace.
      • Damage to your property such as chewed furnishings, fittings, desks, cables or torn up insulation.
      • Nests with shredded material such as insulation, paper or packaging.
      • Stock damage.

    If you have found signs of a rodent problem and need advice, talk to us now

    Our Rodent Control Service Offers:

      • Fast, same day response with no call out charges.
      • A free survey by a qualified pest control expert.
      • Recommendations of rodent control measures such the installation of proofing to block entry points.
      • Regular service agreements with regular visits to monitor, control and prevent rat infestations.

    What’s the risk to your business without professional rodent control?

      • A loss of reputation and trade due to being seen as a dirty or unhygienic if rats are present.
      • Legal ramifications due to not meeting required legislation for health & safety.
      • Damage to property, stock and foodstuffs and the associated costs to repair or replace.
      • Contamination of goods and foodstuffs putting customers at risk.
      • The spread of diseases.

    Bird Control, Deterrent and Prevention Services

    We offer the widest range of bird control services and techniques to tackle any bird problem. Our bird control services provide:

      • Expert, knowledgeable and qualified bird deterrent and control specialists
      • Free and comprehensive site surveys.
      • Advice on legislation – Protected species, egg and nest removal.

        Bird Control

        Bird Control

      • Falconry response bird control.
      • Tailored and cost effective bird control and bird deterrent proofing solutions.
      • A guano cleaning service.
      • A 5 year guarantee on all bird proofing installations.

    Bird control and bird scaring measures we employ include:

      • Traditional proofing techniques such as netting, bird wire and bird spiking.
      • Innovative proofing techniques – electric or gel deterrents (ideal for listed buildings).
      • Bird scaring using falconry response – we have the UK’s most experienced falconry response teams.
      • Humane bird trapping & egg or nest removal.

    For a free site survey or a quotation Call us now on:

    Control & Prevention Services

    Our pest technicians and biologists deliver pest and wildlife control ethically and humanely via our network of nationwide branches. We always consider non-lethal methods of control and deliver our services humanely, responsibly and reliably.

    So if you have insects or rodent control problems or a wildlife control problem you can be confident that a call to our technicians will provide an effective and guaranteed service to protect your business or organisation from nature’s pests.

    Our technicians understand that different businesses face different risks and require a service appropriate to its needs and compliance requirements. We will provide you with a tailor made service to ensure that you have the protection you need within your budget requirements. We will:

      • Complete a comprehensive site and risk assessment survey.
      • Consider non-lethal methods of control to provide humane and ethical pest control and ensure you conscience is clear.
      • Work in partnership with you to ensure you have regular monitoring and risk assessments.
      • Provide recommendations at the outset and at every visit to ensure pest are prevented from affecting your day to day activities.
      • Ensure you are legally compliant to meet health and safety requirements.

    For a free site survey or a quotation Call us now on:

    Call the experts

    Talk to Principal Hygiene we can help you with advice and support ensuring you have the right pest control services in place that delivers value for money, is compliant and meets your legal needs.

    Get a pest control quote or request a site survey today, we are on hand to provide advice and support.

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    To learn more about our pest control services in Aberavon - Neath Port Talbot visit: http://principalhygiene.co.uk/pest-control

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